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Do You Need an Interlock Device?

Our interlock installation company serves convicted DUI offenders in the Treasure Valley, ID area.

When you need a local team to equip your vehicle with an interlock device, we're here to assist you. Idaho Interlock is an interlock installation company based in Treasure Valley, ID. Our team has years of experience, so we can get your device installed or removed quickly. With help from our reliable team, you'll be back behind the wheel before you know it.

Our interlock services are designed to fulfill the legal requirements mandated by a court of law. Call 208-867-1337 now to have a device installed in your vehicle.

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Details about our interlock devices

Have you received a court order to have a device installed in your vehicle? Our team uses reliable, approved interlock devices from Dr├Ąger.

Once it's time to remove your device, just bring your car back to us. Our interlock services cover removal as well as installation, so we'll have your car ready to go again right away.

Contact our interlock installation company today about having a device installed in your vehicle.